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Comparison of rubber floor and stone
The construction is more concise, the construction period is shortened, and the processing cost is low. Comfortable feet, can give a warm and comfortable feeling. The raw materials are light, especially suitable for tall buildings or old buildings. They are 1/20-1/30 of the same area. Better interchangeability, color difference and streak stability are more stable than stone. The color is rich, the decoration is stronger, the color selection is broader. Many kinds and series, such as commercial floor, household floor, sports floor, children floor, antistatic floor and so on, can satisfy the demand of different users to the plastic floor. Noise is lower than stone, walking safer, able to create better living environment for users.
Comparison of rubber floor and wood raw material floor
Excellent fire protection function, ensure that the flame is not dispersed, anti cigarette burning, safe and durable. Decorating, graphic design, trick selection are superior to wood flooring, and there are more choices for beauty. Surface hardness is high, not easy to damage, anti scratch function is higher than wood. The dimension stability is good, and the floor deion is not easy to happen. Noise can be reduced by decibel compared with wood flooring.
It is more widely used: it is not only suitable for home use, but also suitable for public places where people have a lot of traffic. The seams can reach waterproof, dust-proof, anti-seepage, bacteria control, mildew proof and moth proofing. The processing function is better, and different decorative requirements can be satisfied.
Environmental protection: plastic floor materials are environmentally friendly and non-toxic. They can also save a lot of natural wood and meet the requirements of green environmental protection.
Comparison of rubber floor and carpet
Rubber floor maintenance cost is lower, cleaning and maintenance is simpler. The flame retardancy is better, the incineration does not take place toxic gas. The ground resistance is small, which is conducive to the transfer of furniture and equipment. The service life is longer, and it can be more than 5 times the carpet. The combination of pictures is more colorful, and pictures and stripes will not be damaged. The more widely used scale is widely used in public places, entertainment, home furnishing, industry, sports and so on.
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